Eric Lee

👋 Hey, Eric here!

Welcome to the front-end part of my life!

Things about me:

  • Taiwanese 🇹🇼
  • ATX tech guy 🧑‍💻
  • Faith-driven leader ⛪️
  • Love product & content strategy 🎧
  • Big heart for entrepreneurship and hustle 🚀
  • Passionate about mentorship and equipping others 🛠

In my free time, I focus on:

  • Co-leading Product & Marketing for FIESTA, an Austin tech community.
  • Helping with content strategy for Indigitous Serve.
  • Meeting cool ambitious people on
  • Playing a trading card game, Flesh and Blood.
  • Playing video games (recently Slay the Spire).
  • Serving in my church, HMCC Austin.
  • Writing faith thoughts and other ponderings on Medium.
  • Exercising & listening to Audible books (tracked on GoodReads).
  • Working on my newsletter, sharing practical learnings & resources weekly.
  • Designing & building new features for this website when in the coding zone.