Eric LeeEric Lee

🚀 Projects

  • Shome

    Summer Subleasing Platform for Students

    Used: Ruby on Rails

  • TasteAI

    AI Assistant for Tasty Recipes

    Used: Python, Flask, Postgresql, Redis, Scikit-learn

  • Pick It Up

    Environmental game to crowd source cleanup and educate over environmental preservation

    Used: Java, Android

  • Credit Writer

    Credit music composers royalties

    Used: Javascript, PHP, Java, Twitter API, Pubnub API, Mapquest API

  • SensorStrike

    Play CS:GO with a phone-gun controller

    Used: Java, Android, Bluetooth, Noise Reduction Algos

  • Moodify

    NLP tool that categorize songs into moods and plays them to the mood you want

    Used: Python, Data Mining, Machine Learning

  • Air Drum Glove

    Play drums without a drumset

    Used: Java, Python, Arduino

  • Hungry Cats

    Mobile game - Eat the most food as a cat

    Used: Android, Java

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