Dreams and Aspirations

2 min read

kid playing piano

I grew up with a lot of different dreams.

  • Becoming a violinist and music performer like Lindsey Stirling or Piano Guys.

  • Becoming a video game creator of the next big Minecraft or Call of Duty.

  • Becoming a famous YouTuber over some type of content (video game, music covers, or comedy skits).

  • Becoming a missionary in a foreign country like some of my home church pastors.

Each of these dreams was inspired based on the season I was going through.

  • Music was my passion growing up (played violin, piano, and guitar). I loved the expression of it, whether through worship or through moving my body in strategic positions at specific times to denote a jam.

  • Video games were one of my favorite hobbies, and most of my evenings during middle & high school was spent on these things. I hoped I could create a game that others would find themselves entertained for as many hours as I had (as well as rage).

  • YouTube is where I spent most of my life (besides music, video games, & church), and I was inspired by many different content creators. I believed that if people like NigaHiga and KevJumba (OG YouTube) could do it, maybe I could too.

  • Faith is pretty core and I grew up in the church. With a mindset of “all or nothing”, as well as many people I respected going off to serve and care for those in need, I felt that I had to take up that calling and responsibility in some form/fashion.

As time went on though, dreams faded, and none of them listed above were achieved. The cool thing is that each of the dreams persists in different aspects.

  • I did social dance during college (waltz, swing, salsa, etc...), enjoy worshipping to Christian music (my reflection playlist), and love dancing to tunes by myself like this person.

  • I still play video games on and off with friends.

  • I create blog posts and newsletters instead of videos.

  • I serve in my church and am always questioning where my future mission field is.

As new dreams pop up, my hope is that whether they are achieved or die off within a week, they will inspire and continue to change me for who I am.