Keep the End in Mind

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I’ve been listening to a leadership podcast recently by Craig Groeschel, and it’s been a blessing to find this golden nugget in the vast mine of the internet. (shoutout to my pastor in Austin for finding & sharing it 💪)

Resources that join spiritual and practical living are rare, and to be able to hear influential leaders share their stories before they became famous, as well as clear practical steps on how to lead with consistency & integrity, is food that quenches my leadership soul.😭

Recently, I listened to an interview with Michael Hyatt on the podcast about having a Vision for the Future, and a takeaway I’ve gotten from it is keeping the end in mind.🏁

In it, Michael Hyatt shares how at the beginning of COVID-19, he took a step back as a leader to cast a clear vision by beginning with the end in mind.

Rather than allowing the day by day to overwhelm their team, Hyatt took the time to imagine how the team would transform and maintain a standard throughout the pandemic. Things like:

  • Evolving their online experience to become better than their in-person experience.

  • Ensuring that the whole team stays on by the end of the pandemic, a.k.a. no one gets laid off or fired.

With that vision of learning not only to survive, but to thrive, Hyatt and his team were able to focus on adapting to their circumstances, trim the fat, and keep to their business with the quality and commitment that they had before the quarantine.

As someone who personally struggles with leadership, whether it’s leading a bible study or making decisions in a startup, I’ve been inspired to keep the end in mind.

Seeing this big picture helps me better understand the end goal I envision, work backward to plan out the steps I would need to take, and commit to a decision that goes towards that goal.🏃

What aspects of your life can you begin with the end in mind, in order to reorient and focus your life?

Topics to consider: Relationship with God, Business, Health, Marriage, Work, Friendships, Finances, etc...