Priorities, Values, & Calling

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Every season in life, I find myself needing to refocus on the priorities I have.

  • When I was in my “gap year” after college, my goal was to build up skills for entrepreneurship & leadership during my free time.

  • When I lost the job I never started, I had to prioritize practicing coding challenges and interview for many positions as a “late techie”.

  • When I entered the workforce, I had to focus on growing in my technical understanding of the business & learn all the systems we ran.

Each season brings a new set of priorities.

Recently, I started to shift my attention from my priorities to understanding my faith calling (a.k.a. values).

I listened to a podcast about Career vs Calling, and it pointed out two different types of callings we have - faith calling & vocational calling.

  • Faith calling is essentially who you are outside of what you do. Things that don’t change even if the season changes. ex. character, values, etc...

  • Vocational calling is the vehicle to live out your faith calling. Things that change season to season. ex. Job Title, Family status, Role, etc...

In order to understand my faith calling, ironically, I had to analyze my priorities from season to season in order to extract patterns of the things I valued:

  • My faith in Jesus.

  • My passion for creative ventures and passion projects.

  • My value of time & energy (since it’s not a renewable resource), and learning how to manage it effectively.

  • My love for leadership and belief that everyone has tremendous influence.

These values gave me clarity towards a bit of my faith calling:

  • I feel called to live out the Gospel & Great Commission. To nurture my relationship with Jesus and share it with others.

  • I feel called to create amazing ventures and support anyone who chooses that path.

  • I feel called to value other’s time and equip people to be effective with their energy.

  • I feel called to lead in every moment and empower others to lead where they’re at.

Though this is a rough draft of my faith calling and there’s still a lot to process going forward, I believe this first step will bring about greater clarity of how I choose to live my life - with awareness, purpose, & direction.

Questions to ponder:

  • What do you consistently prioritize? What gives you passion and joy?

  • Why do you do what you do? Who are you outside of what you do?