Aim to Trend Upwards

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Stone statue of a bull

I’ve been learning that the hardest process in life is trying to maintain balance and equilibrium in everything.

One thing that has helped me in balancing different areas of life has been visualizing my life as a stock market.

I visualize my life as a whole bunch of stock tickers, with graphs for each stock representing all the skills and areas of focus I have in life.

Things like faith, work, entrepreneurship, relationships, health, etc…

In each of these areas, I imagine the tickers oscillating up and down—stocks that go up and stocks that go down. Stocks that crash and stocks that soar high like Dogecoin.

An interesting thing about visualizing my life as a stock market is that I can notice trends—whether areas of my life are trending upwards or downwards.

By knowing these trends, I can make educated decisions on how I decide to invest my time and energy.

Because just like in stocks, not everything in life is a one-and-done deal. (unlike some 401k investments).

Life is a process, and many areas in life are never at a standstill.

But we don’t have all the energy to juggle and maintain everything. It’s not a worthwhile investment.

By viewing the trends, seeing what’s most risky and most risk-averse, I can aim for having most areas of my life trend upwards.

And it’s okay if a couple of areas of my life are trending downwards temporarily because like the stock market, they’ll trend upwards, especially when I can pour my energy and focus into those areas.

Ultimately, the goal is to not go into too many bankruptcies and look at the trends, investing my time and resources wisely, and focus on the areas of life that need the most attention and are most important.

As Warren Buffet quotes:

Wide diversification is only required when investors do not understand what they are doing.

Questions to ponder: 🤔

  • What areas in your life are trending upwards? What areas in your life are trending downward?

  • Where should you pour in your energy and resources to continue to drive trends upwards, or stop areas from trending downward?