Be a Healthy Net Giver

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Palm facing upward holding a yellow flower

In life, there are many types of people you meet.

Net Givers & Net Takers.

Whether you’re running a business, building friendships, meeting new people, getting work done, completing projects, interacting on social media, etc… people will be doing all sorts of giving and taking.

The sum of all their interactions reveals whether they’re a Net Giver or a Net Taker.

Personally, I think it’s powerful when we contribute more to the world than we take away.

To bring a small bit of impact to other’s lives, and be image bearers of love and good deeds.

It’s something I personally try to do, whether it’s in 1:1 interactions, through this newsletter, or in a larger group context—to empower others and make the world better.

But one thing that’s important, when being a Net Giver, is making sure to be healthy when giving.

To rest.

To have enough to pour out.

There is no way to help others if you pour out of emptiness.

It’s like when you are in an airplane and the air pressure drops, causing oxygen masks to fall down.

The flight attendant always says that the first thing you do, whether you’re a father, mother, child, etc.. is to put your mask on.

We need to put our oxygen mask on first sometimes, before helping others.

We need to make sure we are being poured into.

To have rest.

One of my good college friends, Mimi, mentions how we need to have people who pour into us, as we pour out.

To rejuvenate so that we can give not out of a deficit, but from a place of stability.

This is not a call to action to be selfish, as there is wisdom in that.

But as people striving to be Net Givers, we need to make sure to allow ourselves to receive support, so we can better give to others.

Find those friends or family who have our backs and can listen to us.

Find the balance as we provide value and impact the world.

Be poured into, as we pour out.

It’s a healthier way of giving.

Questions to ponder: 🤔

  • Are you a Net Giver, or Net Taker?

  • How can you make sure to find moments to rest and rejuvenate in order to be a healthy Net Giver?