Rest Amidst Unfinished Work

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bench in front of sunset

Have you ever thought about how when we die, how many unfinished things we’ll have? 🤔

Whether it’s small things like organizing the closet, or big things like finishing a side project or hobby, in the end, we will have much-unfinished work. 💀

In parallel, the end of the day brings about unfinished tasks as well as a type of “death” in the form of sleep. But a lot of people find it hard to end the day with unfinished tasks. In fact, work continues to happen in the form of worry, anxiety, & thoughts that toss and turn in the mind throughout the night. 🛏

How can someone find rest at the end of their life if they’re unable to take time to rest during their life?

Because there is always going to be work to do. Weekly and monthly meetups to keep up with no end. An endless stream of chores that need to be checked off the todo list. Notifications and messages to read.

Prioritizing rest not only allows for more energy and better focus on the tasks that we need to take on but also allows for greater trust in God. 🙏

In fact, one important form of rest is Sabbath. Back then, the Sabbath was a day of religious observance and abstinence from work kept by Jews from Friday evening to Saturday evening, and by most Christians on Sunday. ⛪

The importance of a Sabbath allows us to work diligently throughout the week and commit our all to our work, and then on Sabbath, we let go and learn to rest and trust in God’s sovereignty over our lives even when we have unfinished work.

Personally, I’ve started doing a Sabbath every Sunday evening since mid-September.

I block off that time post 5 PM to the rest of the night, diverting meetings away from being scheduled then and spending time doing things that give me energy, such as biking and reading, as well as intentionally resting in God’s Word and His presence.

And it’s been very fruitful! Though as an extravert, I’m still working on finding more things that give me energy besides people, I definitely treasure that time in His presence and want to guard it as best as I can. 🛡️

Because one day we will “rest”, whether we want to or not.

The question is, will we have taken active steps to rest and trust in God, or will we be forced to rest.

I, for one, hope to be with the former.