Tennis Talk

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on the tennis court behind net

I learned a lot about tennis rating systems from my friend, as well as the competitiveness of tennis. Essentially you’re ranked against the world, and most people who try to get into the field start as early as their teen years, skip college to compete, and only the top 100+ people can maintain a tennis career as a salary.

Interestingly enough, as much as sports players get paid, there’s so much money that needs to be spent on equipment, coaching, travel for self and coach, as well as other expenses. It’s no surprise that a group of tennis players may rent out an Airbnb with only a single floor in order to save money, since they can’t afford expensive lodging.

That aside, I got to play tennis for the first time.

It’s sorta similar like table tennis, something I played in middle school, but the racket is light, and the tennis ball has a hollow feel as it rebounds off the racket.

I find that the length of the racket is jarring compared to the length of a table tennis paddle, and I need to mentally take note everytime I hit that the paddle is more extended.

Personally, I enjoyed getting a taste of tennis. I wasn’t able to rally or get much down, but even learning to receive tennis serves and running around was a fun workout.

(Though I’m feeling the aftereffects of the tennis ball impacts on the tennis racket on my left hand – yes I’m a leftie)